July 31, 2007

Condoleeza Rice says that Iran is the biggest threat to the Middle East

During her tour of the Middle East region, the US Secretary of State warned that Iran poses the biggest threat to US-Middle East interest and that the US was making sure its allies in the region were well protected after Iran accused the US of trying to spread fear and mistrust.

The Secretary of State met with the Arab League Secretary General Amir Moussa and discussed the situation in Iraq and Lebanon and the prospects for a two-state solution for Israel and the Palestinians. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates traveling with Secretary Rice were focused on uniting US allies against Iran, Syria, and Hezbollah and to win support for a Middle East peace conference planned for later this year.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

The US warning that Iran is the biggest threat to the Middle East is in lockstep with Bible prophecy for this region in the End Times.

The statement made by the US Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice during her most recent Middle East trip that Iran is the biggest threat to the Middle East is to some extent recognizing the obvious. For years, Israeli intelligence has said their biggest threat is Iran and thus that sets the entire region in harm's way. Many of the Arab leaders are divided on their opinion of the threat to the region that Iran actually poses. Syria, Hezbollah and the Palestinians and have joined efforts to remove Israel from the world and have stated so publicly. This report is what Bible prophecy predicted would be the scenario for the End Times.

The ancient Jewish prophet Ezekiel wrote 2,500 years ago that Iran would be a major player in the Last Days as it relates to efforts to kill the Jews and rid the world of a Jewish state, Ezekiel 38:5, where Iran is referred to as Persia. Another Jewish prophet, Daniel wrote that Syria would also be aligned with Iran, Daniel 11:40-43. The Psalmist revealed that Lebanon, that's Tyre found in Psalm 83:7, would be included as a partner with Iran.

Secretary Rice's warning that Iran is the biggest threat in the Middle East is indeed setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.