August 01, 2007

Saudi Arabia and Syria say they will attend the Middle East peace conference

In what is considered somewhat of a diplomatic coup, Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice has announced that Saudi Arabia has agreed to attend the international peace conference to be held later this year and the Saudi announcement comes on the heels of the FM of Syria saying that they also will attend the conference.

Condoleeza Rice, traveling throughout the region meeting with Middle Eastern leaders, is doing the ground work for the upcoming peace conference that at first, was not accepted as a real possibility to bring Israel and its Arab neighbors to the table to negotiate a comprehensive peace agreement. The fact that Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern nations will join the conference with Israel in attendance is a real diplomatic advancement in the efforts to bring peace to the region.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

The potential for an international peace conference with Arabs and Jews at the same table is a precursor to the scenario for the Last Days that can be found in Bible prophecy.

When President Bush announced his desire to host an international Middle East peace conference in the region, it was not well received by many Middle Eastern leaders. Interestingly, the EU FMs and even the new Middle East peace envoy for the Quartet, Tony Blair, echoed the desire to see peace negotiations back on track after several years of going nowhere. The first response by Saudi Arabia and Syria and even the Arab League was that this conference would actually accomplish no advancement in a comprehensive peace in the Middle East unless Israel was willing to return to pre-1967 borders which had been a no-starter for the Israelis. Now, PM Olmert is sending signals that the Saudi plan is at least a beginning point for negotiations.

Talk of peace in the Middle East that could become a reality has long been desired by world leaders, but is looking more and more like the prophetic scenario that is found in Bible prophecy for the Last Days. Daniel 9:27 reveals a peace, howbeit a pseudo peace, that will be in place after the Rapture and at the time of the appearance of a world leader who can bring it all together, a world leader known as the Antichrist. Ezekiel 38:8, 11 indicate that it is during this short-termed peace that the nations who will attend this international peace conference will attack Israel.