October 03, 2007

The Pentagon officially observes the Moslem holy month of Ramadan

The Deputy Pentagon Chaplain, Army Major Allen Pomaville said at the Pentagon celebration of the Moslem holy month of Ramadan that the leadership of the Department of Defense (DOD) wants to care for the body of the whole soldier, a statement made as uniformed military personnel, civilians and family members faced Mecca in Saudi Arabia and knelt on prayer rugs chanting their prayers to Allah, the Islamic god.

More than 100 DOD employees sang out "Allah is great" at the end of the day long fast in a service to celebrate the giving of the Islamic holy book, the Koran. A spokesman for the White House National Security Council says that President and Mrs. Bush host a similar celebration of Ramadan at the White House to let the world know how much they respect Islam and the many Moslems living in the US.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

Celebrations at the Pentagon and also at the White House of Ramadan, the Islamic holy month, are a precursor of a prophetic scenario for the Last Days that can be found in Bible prophecy.

The official celebration of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan at the Pentagon and the White House is in stark contrast to what has been happening in the military and the US government as it relates to Christian activities on government property. Ramadan is the holiest month on the Islamic calendar and it marks the giving of the Koran to Mohammad, the only true prophet according to Islamic belief. The Koran negates much of the Bible, the Holy Book for Judaism and Christianity, stating that the Koran is the final word from Allah, the Moslem god.

I say the Moslem god when referring to Allah, because the Koran states that Jesus Christ never died, was not buried and never rose from the dead. That statement is in contradiction of I Corinthians 15:17-23 which states that Jesus Christ did die and was resurrected from the dead or otherwise the Christian faith is in vain. The Koran also says that Allah had no son. The Bible, in I John 4:1-3, states that those who deny Jesus Christ was the Son of God in the flesh is of the spirit of Antichrist.

According to these Biblical references, the celebration of Ramadan is a precursor to the fulfillment of Bible prophecy.