November 16, 2007

A Christian leader says that converting Jews is not a goal

An official with Christians United for Israel, a pro-Zionist Christian group, says that Christian Zionists do not support Israel based on a speculative End Times scenario in the future but it is based on God's biblical covenants with the people of Israel in the past.

This same official stated that conversion of Jews to Jesus Christ was not the organization's goal and reports indicate that Jewish groups have embraced Christians United for Israel under the influence of large contributions to fund raising campaigns by groups under CUFI's founder John Hagee's control.

Janet Parshall, a Christian talk show host, said that the Christian Zionist movement has a kind of blind support for Israel, that Israel can do no wrong and she charged some of the leaders in the movement foster that Jews could be saved outside of Jesus.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

An End Times scenario for the Jews that does not include Jesus Christ is totally contradictory to the Bible and will lead to another Holocaust.

Recently, two different letters referring to Israel today arrived at the White House for President Bush with two different opinions about what should politically be the US approach to the Jewish state and their relationship with the Arab neighbors. The letters indicated a division among Christians as to how we should or should not support the Israeli government. There has been a growing movement among Bible believing Christians as to their support for Israel and whether we as Christians should back away from trying to lead Jews to Jesus Christ as their Messiah and Lord and Savior.

God's Word is plain about all people, both Gentiles and Jews, they must come to salvation by way of the cross and through Jesus Christ, John 14:6. It is because of the covenants that the Lord made with the Jewish people that there is and End Times scenario that is unfolding today as prophesied in both the Old Testament and the New Testament.

Rejection of the fact that God has a plan for the Jews in Bible prophecy is anti-biblical and will indeed lead to the fulfillment of all prophecy including the persecution and ultimate slaughter of the Jewish people.