March 10, 2008

A leading rabbi in Israel says the Israeli government should be replaced by the Torah

Rabbi Yakov Shapira, the head of the Jewish seminary, the Yeshiva where an Islamic Palestinian terrorist killed eight of the Yeshiva students as they were studying the Torah, which Rabbi Shapira says is needed to strengthen the nation of Israel so that it can realize it's potential power that is hidden in the entire nation.

The Rabbi said that if there is no Bible there is no moral fiber and the physical strength of the Jewish people and the Jewish nation will go lacking. Rabbi Shapira called for a continuation of the struggle for the land of Israel and for the Lord to avenge the blood spilled on a sacred spot, the soil of the land of Israel.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

The desire to study the Word of God, the Bible, in the land of Israel today is a precursor for the prophetic scenario that will take place in this land in a future tomorrow.

Recently in Jerusalem an Islamic Palestinian terrorist attacked a Jewish seminary, a Yeshiva, and killed 8 of the students who were actually studying the Torah at the time of the attack. The director of the Yeshiva has called for Torah study to become a part of the lifestyle of every Jew in Israel.

He wants the hollow Israeli government to be replaced by a strong government that grows out of studying the Torah, the Bible. The Rabbi says that the Torah is the moral fiber needed to conquer the land of Israel, the land that the Lord has and is continuing to give to the Jewish people as He promised He would do in the last days.

The ancient Jewish prophet Jeremiah wrote some 2500 years ago that the Lord would indeed bring the Jews from around the world back into the land of their forefathers, Jeremiah 31:8-10.
The prophet also wrote that the Lord would give the Jews their land, verse 17; their language, the Hebrew language, verse 23; and a desire for spiritual things, Jeremiah 31:31.

The Lord told Jeremiah that in the last days He would put His law, the Torah, the Word of God, in the hearts of the Jewish people, verse 33. The Lord also said that He would be their God and that the Jewish people would be His people.

As Rabbi Shapira, director of the Yeshiva said, this land of Israel will be governed by the Torah, the Word of God. Bible prophecy will be fulfilled.