March 07, 2008

The terrorist attack on a Jewish seminary in Jerusalem is being seen in Messianic terms

A lone Palestinian gunmen broke the silence of terrorism in Jerusalem by entering a yeshiva, a seminary for Jewish men, and killing a number of them while they were studying the Bible, an act that many are calling the beginning of a holy war.

While the Israeli defense establishment is pondering the diplomatic and security implications of the terrorist attack, a totally different analysis is taking place among the families and the students of the Jewish seminary, a yeshiva made up of religious Jewish Zionists and students from the Jewish settlements. Jewish leaders are saying that the attack was aimed specifically at the religious Zionists and that the terrorists knew that by speaking in this language, their message could only be interpreted one way, as a holy war.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

A Palestinian Islamic terrorist attack on a Jewish religious seminary is evidence that Bible prophecy is going to be fulfilled and seemingly in the near future.

The fact that the Jewish students, killed recently by a lone Palestinian terrorist, took place in a house of God, has touched the most basic nerve of many Israelis and especially the religious Zionist public. Being Messianic religious people, these religious Zionists see the attack through the prism of messianic prophecy. As evidence by the programs heard on the religious Zionist radio stations who have been discussing the incident in prophetic terms. Many of the top leadership of the religious Zionist movement who spoke at the funerals of the yeshiva students that were killed spoke of revenge for their blood.

In the ancient prophetic book of Ezekiel, the Jewish prophet speaks of a people who will rise up in the Last Days and shed the blood of the children of Israel. Ezekiel 35:5 is the prophecy against the Edomites, the Palestinian people of today, and it says they will be judged because of their perpetual hatred for the Jewish people and the shedding of their blood. Other Jewish prophets also referred to the continuing conflict that is going on between the Jews and the Palestinians, prophets like Malachi, Jeremiah and Obadiah.

The slaughter of Jewish religious students by an Islamic fundamentalist Palestinian terrorist does indeed set the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.