January 22, 2009

French President Sarkozy will hold a global peace summit on the Middle East

An international peace summit on the Middle East to help advance the stalled Israeli-Palestinian peace talks will be hosted in Paris, France by French President Sarkozy and will be held a few weeks after a meeting of European foreign ministers due to take place in Egypt in February. Sarkozy seeks to capitalize on the momentum created by the participation of European leaders at a recent summit at Sharm el Sheikh on the Red Sea coast in Egypt, a summit attended by German Chancellor Merkel and British Prime Minister Brown, two of the main leaders in the European community.

The goal of the global summit on the Middle East will be to reach a peace accord within a year.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

A global summit on the Middle East hosted by French President Sarkozy is as close to the prophetic scenario found in God's word as possible without being the real thing - according to Bible prophecy.

Even though French President Sarkozy is no longer the temporary president of the European Union, he continues to act as if he is with all of his plans and actions for the future. Sarkozy has been the most active leader of the European Union on a global scale with his guidence through the international summit on the global economic crisis and now this announcement that the French president will host the summit on the Middle East in Paris. Even the new United States President, Barack Obama, made his first official phone calls to Middle East leaders: Egyptian President Mubarak, Jordan's King Abdullah, Palestinian Authority President Abbas, and Israeli Prime Minister Olmert.

This description of current events is in lockstep with the prophetic scenario that can be found in Bible prophecy. The ancient Jewish prophet Daniel describes a scenario where the old Roman Empire is revived, they select a world leader to take them into the future, and this world leader does bring together peace in the Middle East (Daniel 7:7-24, 9:27). The European Union is by all definations at least the infrastructure for the Revived Roman Empire and the Lisbon Treaty of the European Union calls for a powerful president to lead them into the future.

This call by President Sarkozy for a global summit on the Middle East does indeed set the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.