June 08, 2009

Political parties who are anti-Islam have come out as the big winners in the European Union elections

Anti-Islam political parties scored big victories in the European Union parliamentary voting even though it was a record low turn out of only 43% of the voters coming to the polls which seemed to have helped the right wing parties enter the European Union parliament. In the Netherlands, Geert Wilders, the filmmaker who's film links violence with the Koran - a film that has set off violent protest in the Muslim world - Wilders let his Freedom party to victory with double the representation that they had in the previous parliament.

A number of commentators said that this most recent European-wide vote revealed a major trend in the political arena in Europe to the right even as the world is watching the United States move to the left.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

The recent elections in the European Union revealed a major trend to the right politically and at the same time gave evidence of a trend that has prophetic significance as well - according to Bible prophecy.

As European voters went to the polls in the most recent parliamentary elections, the face of the European Union began to make a sharp turn to the right especially in the area of the ever increasing immigration of Muslims into Europe. Many European Union leaders like Germany's Chancellor Merkel and French President Sarkozy have been strengthened in their plans to develop the European Union as a major economic political, governmental union to represent the European nations on the world scene. Politically, this is a major victory. Prophetically, it is exactly what is called for in the prophetic scenario that is found in Bible prophecy.

The ancient Jewish prophet Daniel foretold of the time when the old Roman Empire would be revived (Daniel 7:7-8 and 23-24). In the book of Revelation, John wrote of that same scenario, the revival of that political power of the old Roman Empire (Revelation 13:1-3, 17:12). Bible prophecy does call for a major political, economic, governmental power to be in place in the last days - one located within the borders of the old Roman Empire.

These recent elections in the European Union have indeed set the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.