June 05, 2009

President Obama invites Iranian President Ahmadinejad to make a visit to a holocaust concentration camp

On his trip to Germany, US President Barack Obama visited the Nazi concentration camp at Buchenwald, the site where 250,000 prisoners were held during World War II and a location that has personal significance for the president as his great-uncle helped liberate a satellite concentration camp to Buchenwald where 50,000 Jews were killed. President Obama suggested that Iranian President Ahmadinejad, who this week, repeated his claims that the Holocaust was a great deception, should make his own visit to Buchenwald.

The president described the camp as the ultimate rebuke to people who deny the Holocaust and he added that he had no patience for people who would deny history and the history of the Holocaust is not something speculative.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

President Obama's statement that the history of the Holocaust is not something speculative is in the face of Iranian President Ahmadinejad and a reminder of yet another holocaust to come - according to Bible prophecy.

In his speech to the Muslim world as well as his visit to the Nazi concentration camp at Buchenwald in Germany, President Obama reminded the world of the Holocaust of the Jewish people some 65 years ago at the hands of the Nazi leader, Adolf Hitler. This attention drawn to the reality of the Holocaust must be a reminder of another Holocaust for the Jewish people - one even worst than the last.

The ancient Jewish prophets wrote of a time when many nations will rise up to kill the Jewish people including the nation of Iran (Ezekiel 38:5). Zechariah, another of the Jewish prophets, reveals that during the time of Jacob's Trouble, two out of every three Jews will be killed (Zechariah 13:8). The time period for these crimes for the Jewish people will be a seven year period of time of tribulation as described in Daniel 9:27 and Revelation 12:13-17.

Iranian President Ahmadinejad's deniel of the Holocaust and US President Obama's affirmation of the Holocaust are indeed reminders that Bible prophecy will be fulfilled.