May 02, 2018

Islam is the greatest persecutor of Christians in our world today

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JD: Shahram, I have been in many many churches very seldom do I speak on Islam. I’m not an expert like you are and people look at me like I’m a strange character from another planet or something. They think the fact that Islam is very active in the Middle East and in other parts of the world no danger here in America, no danger for the body of Christ. Let me ask you, how big a threat is Islam to the Christians and to the world itself?

SH: Well first of all if you look at the world wide aspect of Christianity Islam is the single greatest persecutor of Christians today. Of the top 15 nations that are persecuting and killing Christians 14 of those nations are Islamic. The only one that is not is North Korea. That’s just fact that the greatest persecutor of Christians today is Islam. And then when you look at in America the fact that we see just like in Europe the Islamization of our nation, our schools, the media, the government. And Muslims in America now particularly the Islamic movement the Muslim brotherhood is going very hyper political.

We have this year in 2018 over 90 Muslims that are running for office across America and all levels of government openly is Muslim. It is a great concern because we have to understand that the teachings of Islam and  I’m not talking again an individual Muslim but the teachings of Islam is that not only it must be supreme and ultimately be established a caliphate meaning an Islamic world order. But that it is also the final religion and that’s where it becomes a threat to the church because we have to recognize that we’ve been given the great commission to take the gospel into the nation, to make the disciple of all nations. Well Islam thinks it is the final religion. 

So, how can these two be common and how can we have so many Christian leaders sitting at the table with Muslim leaders, Muslim scholars and saying look at how much we have in common versus looking at what the Lord showed me, all the differences the contrast and only one can be true and it’s the Bible. It is Jesus Christ who is the true God. 

JD: Shahram Hadian with the details about Islam as the greatest persecutor of Christians in our world today.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Shahram Hadian was born in Iran moved to America with his parents where Shahram became a born again believer in Jesus Christ and now is no a pastor and an itinerant preacher traveling to warn the body of Christ of the threat of Islam. Remember, the coalition of Middle Eastern nations that align themselves to destroy the Jewish State of Israel are all Islamic. They want to destroy the Jews and as Shahram reported to kill all Christians as well.