May 01, 2018

Prime Minister Netanyahu tells the world that Iran lied about its nuclear program

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In a nation wide telecast from Jerusalem Prime Minister Netanyahu told the world that Iran had lied about its nuclear program to the entire world. The Prime Minister revealed the Iranian nuclear archives that the Mossad, the intelligence organization in Israel had captured from Tehran Iran. In this report the Prime Minster said that the Iranian leaders had denied that they had a nuclear program to develop a weapon of mass destruction. He actually had video footage of these Iranian leaders making the statement that they had no desire to have a nuclear weapons program to develop a weapon of mass destruction.

Then the Prime Minister revealed the Iranian secret archives on its nuclear program which disproved everything the Iranian leaders had to say. The Israeli intelligence community was able to capture these files over one hundred thousand of them and the Prime Minister revealed them to the world, now they know that Iran was lying.

The Iranian project to develop a nuclear weapon of mass destruction has been under way for a number of years and it was for the purpose of developing a nuclear core for the nuclear weapon, enriching uranium to make this weapon, developing the bomb to carry this nuclear material, to test the program, and then to put this nuclear war head on a ballistic missile.

The Prime Minister said that Iran lied about the nuclear program. They also kept a secret file on the nuclear program so they could expand the program. They lied to the International Atomic Energy Agency in 2015 at the time they were negotiating the Iranian nuclear deal. And Prime Minister Netanyahu said that this deal put in place during the Obama Administration was based upon a lie. Prime Minister Netanyahu said the bottom line is that Iran continues to lie, they do have a nuclear program and they’re developing a ballistic missile as the delivery system.

Now this revelation has great political ramifications for the Iranian nuclear deal but this report also has a great prophetic significance. In the book of Ezekiel 38:5 where the prophet mentions Persia that’s modern day Iran and they’re the nation developing a nuclear weapon that will threaten the entire world, not only the Middle East not only Israel, but the entire world and it fits exactly into the scenario that is found in Bible prophecy and includes a number of other Middle Eastern states. You can read about them in the book of Daniel 11:40-45, Psalm 83, as well as Ezekiel 38.