July 30, 2018

Iran tells America they could see the "mother of all wars"

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JD: President Rouhani of Iran threatening President Trump that if he wants to get involved with a war with the Iranian people this will be the mother of all wars.

KT: HR McMaster is recorded to have said at one point the “Iranians can fight us asymmetrically or they can fight us stupidly”. The Iranians are not stupid and they have a tremendous amount of asymmetrical capabilities. That means no direct confrontation; it means terrorism, it means a proxy attacks, attacks that are conducted by other people.

But this war of wars that has escalated over the past ten days or so is really quite dramatic and it’s un-presidented in the forty years of the Iranian Revolution. In addition to President Rouhani who is making these threats about closing the Strait of Hormuz you have Khamenei who is head of the Quds force directly addressing President Trump saying I am your foe my forces are your foes, every night we don’t go to bed without thinking of you Mr. Trump. And then he says to Donald Trump he says, oh gambler as you are powerless we are too close in a place that you can’t imagine. That’s a very significant statement and it hints to what intelligence analyst have long suspected and that is that the Quds force and other Iranian operational forces have secret bases much closer to the United States then people might think.

For example, we know for many many years Iran has had a relationship with Venezuela. We know that the Iranians have been in the Tristate border region in Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay that they tried to assassinate the Saudi ambassador in Washington DC using a drug hit man. So, there is this understanding among analyst inside government and outside government that the Iranian regime has got underground networks possibly even here in the United States that they could use to attack the United States.  

JD: Ken Timmerman with details on Iran’s warning to America about the mother of all wars.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Iran’s President Rouhani has given a warning to the United States which seems to be a little bit over stated. In fact, the mother of all wars is yet to come and not in this day with Iran going to war against America. The next major war will be when the Islamic world attacks Israel that’s recorded in prophecy Daniel 11:40-45. Iran will be a part of that end time battle but they will not be alone in this war. The alignment of Islamic nations is absolute. Iran’s threats are only a precursor to that war which could begin very soon.