July 31, 2018

Israel has turned down an Israeli-Palestinian Peace Summit in Russia

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JD: Vladimir Putin has invited both the Palestinian leadership and the Israeli Prime Minister to come to Moscow for a summit between the three of them Russia, the Palestinians and the Israeli’s. However, Prime Minister Netanyahu has turned that down any reason you think behind that?

DD: There’s no question in my mind why Jimmy. It’s very very clear that Putin is completely violating his commitment to President Trump and to BB Netanyahu personally he gave the same. But the zone in the south of Syria where the fighting is going on is supposed to be an area where there isn’t any Russian forces any Iranian forces or any Iranian linked forces like Hezbollah that was the agreement that was made several months ago. They totally violated it. The fighting is raging then the Israeli’s do not trust Vladimir Putin as far as they can throw them Jimmy.

The last person they’re going to make a peace treaty under or going to hope and get the peace process going again is Putin. He is on their black list even though there are relations and we’ve seen BB Netanyahu fly to Moscow twice now in the past couple of months to meet with Putin to try basically to get the situation in the south of Syria under control to warn that Iran will be taken on by Israel. And again action this week Jimmy a Syrian jet shot down over the Golan Heights that penetrated Israeli air space. So we’re waiting to see what might happen there. But that is the real issue the main issue between Israel and Russia and again it’s just a joke that Putin is going to be the peacemaker in the midst of the situation where his forces are right along the Israeli border right now and that is a very serious situation indeed.

JD: David Dolan with details on why Israel turned down a peace summit for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to be held in Russia under President Vladimir Putin.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

There are a number of prophetic factors in the report from David Dolan. First, the Russian sponsorship ultimately Russia will lead a coalition of nations to destroy the Jewish State of Israel, that’s Ezekiel 38:2.

Second is the fact that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict will not be resolved until Jesus Christ comes back to the earth as foretold by the prophet Obadiah, that’s verses 15-18 in his prophetic book.

And third a peace in the Middle East comes when the antichrist puts in place a sudo peace that’s according to Daniel 9:27. All of these prophecies will be fulfilled in the future. However, the stage is set right now for these prophecies to be fulfilled.