July 05, 2018

Israel wants sovereignty over the Golan Heights which God actually gave to the Jewish people some 3500 years ago

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JD: Winkie, earlier this week a politico there in Israel his name Lapid and he is urging the United States to allow Israel to take sovereignty over the Golan Heights. But he’s not the only one calling for sovereignty over the Golan Heights the entire Israeli government is doing that are they not?

WM: That’s the policy, that’s the practical things that we’re doing. Mr. Begin the 6th Prime Minister extended Israeli law to the area. What Mr. Lapid is asking is simply that that be recognized.

JD: In fact when you talk about the Golan Heights I must remind everyone of our listeners that it was 3,500 years ago when Joshua brought the children of Israel into the Promised Land. Joshua was assigned to divide the land up among the twelve tribes and he only took half a tribe and he gave that to Bashan which is Golan in the Bible. And the word Golan used I think four times or six times the word Bashan referred to the Golan Heights used over sixty times. That was 3,500 years ago God gave the Jewish people that piece of real estate which is key to the military defense of the Jewish State. Is that the real main reason that they would like to have the sovereignty just that or agricultural and the resources the Sea of Galilee etc. That places into it also doesn’t it?

WM: Yes it does, not only does it protect the Sea of Galilee and the lower Jordan Valley and parts of the Galilee but it also looks the other way right down Assad’s throat into Damascus almost even with the naked eye. It’s very important from a security point of view. Not to many people know but the later third section of the 19th century talking about the 1870s, 80s, and 90’s Jews were setting up homes on the Golan Heights. If I’m not mistaken in the prophets its also called Gilad. It’s part of the whole area that as you correctly say was historically geographically the land of Israel the Jewish homeland. And since Syria went to war in 67 and lost the territory. So there are about three or four reasons we just went through now where it doesn’t have to get the area back especially if we look at what’s happening now in Syria with everybody killing everybody else.

JD: Winkie Medad revealing why the Golan Heights is key to the Jewish State of Israel.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

For security and for the natural resources there Israel needs the Golan Heights. That’s why God gave the Jewish people this piece of real estate back 3,500 years ago. God assigned Joshua to divide the land at that time, that’s Joshua 20:8 & 21:27; how important that is for today.