July 06, 2018

President Trump has the privilege and responsibility to name a replacement for the retiring Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy

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JD: We know that our country was set up by the forefathers as a representative republic, everybody needs to understand that. Not a democracy but as a representative republic with three main branches of government so that there would be a balance of power. So just how much power does the Supreme Court have as compared to the other branches of government, David?

DJ: Well even though there should be an equal balance of power the Supreme Court does tend to be sort of like the referee in a basketball game and they have the final say. And I would say beyond that their power is amplified when you do have more liberal judges who are functioning according to their own ideology. What happens is the court can actually function legislatively and we know that they shouldn’t be legislating from the bench. They should be deciding on the constitutionality of what the executive branch does which is the President and what Congress does which is the legislative branch. So, they actually have I would say more power in many cases than the other two branches of government.

Times Magazine reported in December of last years that he had appointed already in that first year four times as many federal appeals judges as Obama had done his first year. And so it’s a very important role that the President has.

JD: David as we wrap it up how should believers be praying concerning this issue?  

DJ: Well as we’ve discussed many times you go back to I Timothy chapter 2 Paul tell Timothy that we are to pray for kings and all who are in authority that we may lead in all Godliness and reverence. And so we need to pray for God’s will to be done and we need to pray for the President and those who will be deciding on the next Supreme Court Justice in the Senate as they consider on who to approve. We need to pray for wisdom for them that we may live as Christians in a way that is consistent with Biblical principles.

JD: David James with thoughts about the Presidential responsibility that is dictated by the Constitution of the United States for the purpose of replacing the retiring Supreme Court Justice.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

God set in place human government in order to have the Lord’s will to be played out in history. Down through the century’s God’s plan has been revealed making political decisions. Revelation 17:17 says that in the future it will be political leaders who make political decisions that will lay out God’s plan for the future, the end times.