September 13, 2018

During the Fall Jewish Feasts days no Jews will be allowed onto the Temple Mount

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JD: David Dolan the man who has been covering the Middle East and you have been there for many of the Rosh Hashanah the New Years and the Feasts of Trumpets and in fact all the fall Jewish Feasts. It’s a Jewish Holy days but the Jews will not be allowed to go onto the Temple Mount to celebrate these Holy days. In addition to that the security is going to be very high at this time. Talk to us about those two aspects of the Jewish Holy days.

DD: This is a Biblical holiday-Holy day you said and it is a Holy day as opposed to a national holiday that Israel has and other sorts of holidays. And on all of the Holy holidays a religious Jews, Orthodox Jews want to go to Jerusalem as the Bible says to do the Pilgrimage city and pray there to the God of Israel for their country and of course Rosh Hashanah right before Yom Kippur the day of repentance and renewal. So this Yom Kippur is always that but Rosh Hashanah is also a time of reflection and beginning of that period and then of course the Feasts of Tabernacles after that.

These are the days they want to be praying in Jerusalem. Well where in Jerusalem would they love to pray? On the Temple Mount not next to it not at its base the Western Wall which is what they’re limited to today. The Muslims riot every time any Jew tries to pray up there. So they’re at the base but they’d like to be at the top. But security will be extremely tight as it always is Jimmy for the holidays and tensions being so high in the region right now. This is a very special period but a very tense period in terms of security but the Israeli’s will be on full alert as usual.

JD: David Dolan with the details as to why the Jews will not be allowed onto the Temple Mount during the fall Jewish Feasts days.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Let me remind you that the Temple Mount in Jerusalem is the most sacred piece of real estate on this earth. This is a place where the Jews focus on their Jewish Feast Days especially the three fall Feasts: Trumpets, Yom Kippur, and Tabernacles. The Jews will be forbidden from entering the Temple Mount by the Moslem world and especially the Palestinian people as foretold in Obadiah verses 15-17.

Jeremiah the ancient Jewish prophet said that Jerusalem would be the center of controversy in the last days, that’s Jeremiah 12:2. And Jeremiah also recorded that the Lord will be irritated by those who control the Temple Mount, Jeremiah 1:14-16. These verses reveal to us the nearness of the return of the Messiah.