September 12, 2018

The axis of evil met in Iran to plan the fate of Syria

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JD: An unbelievable trilateral meeting going on in Tehran Iran. You had President Putin of Russia, President Erdogan of Turkey, and President Rouhani of Iran. They got together to decide the fate of the Syrians and the United States was not involved. Are they just one sided trying to project their own plan for the Middle East or what was going on?

KT: Well Jimmy this is one of the reasons that you have this show and our listeners tune in every week to hear news like this which doesn’t get a lot of coverage in the national media in the United States or even where I am right now in France. It gets glossed over completely. This is a momentous meeting in Teheran where Putin is showing up with Erdogan from Turkey and the Iranian leadership as well to talk about Syria to talk about next steps in Syria. And as you say the United States obviously was not involved because this is the axis of evil getting together in Teheran.

Interestingly Putin has taken a position which is antagonizing the Turks on Syria. The Turks continue to support some of the Jihadi factions who have positions in Idlib Province in Syria; this borders Turkey. And the Turks want to put Idlib Province off limits to Russian air strikes and Syrian government attacks. The Russians said no, no, no we’ve got to root out the terrorist. The Iranians by the way agreed with them; root out the Jihadi terrorists in Idlib Province to crush ISIS once and for all.

So in my book Erdogan once again revealed his spots. He showed that he is a Sunni terrorist supporting president, he is a Jihadi president in Turkey. And yet despite all of that despite not being a NATO ally he still has not been embraced by Russia. Putin is playing his own game, Erdogan is supporting the terrorist and the Iranians are supporting their own version of the terrorist. It’s a fascinating picture of the masters of the axis of evil in Teheran on Friday.

JD: Ken Timmerman explaining the meeting of the axis of evil meeting in Teheran Iran to plan the fate of Syria.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

The Middle Eastern nations mentioned in Ken’s report which he referred to as the axis of evil are all mentioned in the prophetic scenario from God’s word. These nations will play out the major events in the last days. Russia, Iran, Turkey, and Syria. Russia, Turkey and Iran mentioned in Ezekiel 38:2-6 set the stage for Syria, Daniel 11:40 to be the Middle Eastern nation that makes the first move to destroy Israel. That stage is set.