September 04, 2018

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, while in Lithuania, warned of another Holocaust and said that it could come very soon

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JD: Prime Minister Netanyahu has been in Lithuania and that was one of the countries under Adolf Hitler during the Holocaust. And it’s interesting to note that the Prime Minister of Israel said the Jews are still under a threat. In other words he’s not necessarily talking about another Holocaust but he is talking about a threat from anti-Semitism and those enemies of the Jewish nation around the world is he not?

DD: He is Jimmy and what was the Holocaust but in Genocide of an entire race, and entire people. And what do we have today? We have Iran and its allies Hamas repeated again this week, the Iranian leaders have repeated again this week their determination to destroy Israel meaning to wipe out the Jewish people living in Israel. Well over half of the Jews on earth live in Israel today for the first time in 2,000 years. It’s once again the majority of Jews of any place around the world are in Israel.

So, if they were able to carry out even a part of that it would rival at least of the Holocaust in the since that millions of Jewish lives could be wiped out. But as you pointed out that was over a period of some years. This could take place over a period of some minutes. So that’s where we’re at today and Netanyahu has said many times that I will not he said be the leader of Israel when such a thing takes place; we will not allow that to happen again we will do everything we can to prevent it and to survive. And of course he means that and means that very well. And right this week preparations for such an attack upon Israel are in high gear Jimmy and it looks like September is going to be quite a volatile explosive month ahead.

JD: David Dolan had the report on the Israeli Prime Ministers visit to Lithuania, which brought to the Prime Minister memories of the Holocaust and he gave a warning that a similar event six million Jews being killed could happen sooner rather than later.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

The next Holocaust has revealed in Zechariah 13:8 will be worse than the last one. This next time two out of every three Jews will be killed. That’s eight million Jews at the present population of Jews in this world. Dave Dolan also mentioned that Iran is ready to join an alignment of nations that desire today to wipe Israel off the face of the earth, that’s Psalm 83:1-4.

As we step back and look at our world we can recognize that prophecy is about to be fulfilled.