September 03, 2018

Russia will hold military war games and China will join them in these military exercises

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JD: Russia has announced the largest war games since the Cold war. Did we not last week mention that China’s going to be a part of that?

KT: Yes they are, the Chinese are contributing something like 3,000 troops. 300,000 Russian soldiers will take part in this military exercise in the Eastern Russia and in the Asian parts of Russia. The biggest one as you mentioned since the Cold war since 1981 to be exact. Now this is not aimed explicitly at Western Europe its take part in the Russian East. But it is a massive exercise with every air units, thousands of aircraft, their paratroopers. It’s a massive massive undertaking Jimmy and you have to wonder why Putin is doing it. 

So I think he’s first trying to demonstrate he’s not afraid of NATO. Second, he’s trying to show that US sanctions and European sanctions are having no impact on the Russian economy. He can spend hundreds of millions of dollars if not more than that on this exercise. I think it’s a double edge sword. I think there’s risk involved in this for Putin. If some of his many units cannot communicate with each other as they are supposed to do. If there are failures on the ground or in the air or mishaps in this exercise he’s going to show it all to NATO. Because I can guarantee you NATO is watching this very very closely monitoring it very closely and are going to be watching for every misstep. 

Either they will do this like a ballet and make sure every step is choreographed ahead of time, that there’s no risk, that it’s just a ballet exercise. Or they’re going to do real military exercises with a risk of failures or missteps. I find it very interesting that he’s doing it. 300,000 troops, never seen since 1981. It’s incredibly aggressive.

JD: Ken Timmerman with details on the largest Russian war games since 1981 and the Cold war era and China is joining the Russians for this military exercise.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Both Russia and China are mentioned in Bible prophecy. Russia in Ezekiel 38 and China in Revelation 16:12. That said let me remind you that these two superpowers both have a desire to rule the world. Since the United States is not mentioned in Bible prophecy that means Russia and China will vie for that leadership role in our world.

This report of a massive war games exercise with Russia leading the way and China’s involvement as well is indeed setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.