October 08, 2018

Jewish Priest in Jerusalem performed a very important Temple ritual, the Water Libation

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JD: They went down to what is the location of the only river in the Garden of Eden, the Gihon spring and that’s where they got the water to come back up onto the Temple Mount area. Not on the Temple Mount but near by to go with this. Now we've talked about that the Gihon spring there in Jerusalem is the only official river that was in the Garden of Eden and you compare that then with I Kings and that is in chapter 1 a record of King David anointed his son Solomon to be the next king. This was the water that was used to add to the ashes of the red heifer that performance there on the Mount of Olives. They had the implements which would be used in the next Temple.

JD Jr: Yes, you’re exactly right. They had been using a silver vessel in the past this time they used a gold vessel to pour the water, to collect the water with and that is the water it’s down in the Kidron Valley actually where they go to the Gihon springs. They might remember from the New Testament that’s where Jesus proclaimed where he at the pole of Shalom he said, if anyone thirst come drink after me. They went down they gathered the water as they came back up to a makeshift alter. In fact, the closest event that’s ever taken place to the Temple itself, the Temple Mount the alter was a wooden alter but decorated in the same way.

Remember Dad, the Water Libation is that time where the Jewish people prayed looking forward to the rain. The rain was so very important to the Jewish people at that time without water they wouldn’t survive. And so they prayed for the rains and they were so joyful. In fact there was a 15 hour ceremony that took place in ancient times this time it only took place for about 3 hours but again it was a very joyful time.

JD: Jim Jr. with the details on the reenactment of the Temple ritual the Water Libation.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Jim’s report on the reenactment of the Temple ritual the Water Libation and it is tangible evidence of how close the Jews are to rebuilding their next Temple. The scriptures call for a Temple in Jerusalem very soon now. These prophetic passages include Daniel 9:27, Matthew 24:15, II Thessalonians 2:4, and Revelation 11:1 & 2. These scriptures are at the time of fulfillment there’s only one thing that must happen before the fulfillment and that’s the rapture of the church.