July 30, 2019

Hamas is meeting with Iran to plan how to eliminate the Jewish state of Israel

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JD: David, Hamas sent many of their representatives to Tehran, Iran their in a meeting with the leaders of Iran. They’re planning to figure out how to eliminate the state of Israel. What are your thoughts? What’s Israel thinking about this?

DD: Well Jimmy it’s just another very clear sign that Hamas is now pretty fully under Iran’s tutelage if not control. So it’s very unusual really that Hamas would be so close to a Shiite power but of course their war against Israel is their number one thing and to destroy the Jewish state is obviously a goal shared by Iran as they say all the time. So their natural allies in that sense.

In recent years the relationship has been stepped up. The flow of weapons has been increasing all the time. Hamas militants have been joining Islamic Jihad Palestinians who have been for a much longer period of time close to Iran. They have been really all along an ally of Iran. Hamas not so much so but they’ve been joining them in recent years sending men to be trained in military tactics in Iran.

And then of course as you mentioned the Hamas leadership cozying up to Iran as well. So this is an interesting development. Hezbollah stepping in and of course Hezbollah and Hamas have become very close and coordinate their military activities. So one again Iran is setting up its ducks in a row in the region strengthening its alliances with both Shiite and Sunni Muslim groups in the area, anybody that will work with them basically; the rebels in Yemen among them. It makes for a mess and it makes for Iranian enemies all around Israel basically and that’s strategically a very troubling problem for the Israeli’s.

JD: David Dolan with the details behind the Hamas-Iran meeting to plan the elimination of the state of Israel.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Though Hamas and Iran are the different branches of the Islamic body politic today they are working together to eliminate the Jewish state of Israel. Islam is a false religion in our world today and has ambitions that require the destruction of the Jewish state. Their politics, their military strategy and especially their eschatology is focused on the elimination of the Jewish state. That then allows for the partnership of Hamas and Iran.

Psalm 83:4 says they come out of their conference meeting and they say let us destroy the Jewish state of Israel and may her name be forgotten forever. That scenario is in place today to be fulfilled.