July 31, 2019

The Palestinians accuse the Jews of Judiazation of the land of Israel with a focus on the city of Jerusalem and the Temple Mount

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JD: First of all explain the word Judiazation if I did pronounce it right. And then what are you talking about? What are the Palestinian people talking about?

IM: First of all it’s an important question because it’s one of the biggest problems with the Palestinian Authority. This word Judiazation they really have invented and they use all the time is a term they use to describe any Jewish activity in the land of Israel. They lie to their people and they tell them that there never was a Jewish history in the land, there never was a Temple, there never was a Western Wall that was something that the Jews prayed at and they claimed that all of it was Arab and Muslim.

So if a Jew prays at the Western Wall that’s Judiazaing the Western Wall. If a Jew goes up to the Temple Mount that’s Judiazaing the Temple Mount. If Israel finds archaeological finds that have proof of Israel’s existence as a nation which is happening all the time they deny its truth and they say its Israel’s attempt at Judiazation; creating supposedly a Jewish history in the land. Well of course we know its actually the opposite is true. There never was a Palestinian nation nor Palestinian history in the land. Everything they do is Palestinianazation when they claim they have a 3,000 or 4,000-year-old nation, when they claim that Jesus was a Palestinian. All of these things are a part of their Palestinianazation. They accuse Israel of doing exactly the crimes that they themselves are committing.

JD: I understand the Palestinian Authority is saying that a visit by a Jew to the Temple Mount he’s preforming a break-in or an invasion. They’re really serious about this aren’t they?

IM: Absolutely. They claim that the entire Temple Mount is a holy Islamic site. The Jew is impure of Christian likewise if they go up to the Temple Mount they’re defiling the Temple Mount from its Islamic nature. They call it an invasion and a break-in which again is just part of the same lie that they’ve been expressing all along.

JD: Itamar Marcus giving us details on the Palestinian claim that Jews are involved in Judiazation of Jerusalem and the Temple Mount.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

The Palestinians have tried to rewrite the Jewish history of the land of Israel and they have failed to do so. The Palestinians claim that the Jews are Judiazaing Jerusalem and the Temple Mount. My dear friend that is impossible because God gave Jerusalem to the Jewish people forever, that’s II Samuel 7:10. The Palestinian claim is a lie.