July 02, 2019

Israel says it is ok for a Palestinian State, but not a Palestinian State that would replace a Jewish State

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JD: The Palestinians have never been a state and they’ve never had a state but now at a UN debate in fact there in Jerusalem the Palestinians are calling for statehood during this debate.

DD: Well Jimmy as Israeli leaders have been saying for decades we don’t want you not to have a state. We would be happy for you to settle down in a state. But if that state is going to replace us, if its going to take our ancient Jewish center, our religious center and now our political capital Jerusalem out of our hands then of course we’re not going to support that. It’s up to the Palestinians to chose peace or war and if they keep choosing war there will be no peace.

So the Israeli’s have no choice but to carry on and again they have much bigger issues right now then the Palestinian question. Trump wants to see prosperity but the Palestinians have frankly Jimmy rarely chosen prosperity over war and they still remain in this terrible situation. And it is a terrible situation but the Middle East as a whole is a terrible situation to say the least right now.

JD: You’ve always said there will be no peace process that will be successful do you still agree with that statement?

DD: Well I do and again the Prime Minister I’m quoting the West Bank will be always in our hands we won’t give that up. The Palestinians are not going to give up their demand for a state. You have to have peace in your heart first before it actually transcends and becomes reality on the ground. And there just doesn’t seem to be any desire to except Israel and again I think that’s a spiritual root Jimmy. You know Israel’s reappearance sign that the God of Israel is God and Islam does not believe that and that’s the bottom line here.

JD: David Dolan explaining that a Palestinian state cannot replace a Jewish state.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

For years the Palestinians have said that the Jews have stolen their state. The truth be known there has never been a Palestinian state. That’s why in the recent UN conference in Jerusalem the Palestinians called for a Palestinian state. The Palestinian desire is to have their state replace the Jewish state. The Bible says that the Palestinians would return and they would rebuild, that’s Malachi chapter 1. But the Lord says in that passage that he would have ending nation against the Palestinian people forever. Actually the Jews are willing to live with the Palestinians not vise versa. Therefore God will wipe out the Palestinians as if they had never been, that’s Obadiah verses 15-18.