July 01, 2019

President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin held a "sidebar meeting" at the recent G20 meeting in Japan

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JD: I understand there was a sidebar meeting between President Trump and President Putin of Russia. And I understand that it started pretty light hearted with the President kind of shaking his finger at Putin because of the interference in the US elections last year. What is your report on this sidebar meeting?

KT: Well it’s a very important sidebar meeting and certainly the American press and the international press is going to focus on that sort of tut tut moment, hey Vlad hope you don’t interfere, intervene in next years election moment. But that was really made for the media. It’s Donald Trump the media impresario who knows how to lead the media by the nose. He created that moment to divert the media from the real event of that meeting which was the fact that here he is finally sitting down with the President of Russia. He’s been really prohibited from doing this by democrats in Congress and by the media for the past two years in a serious way and having a serious discussion.

When he was asked what they discussed he told the media “it’s none of your business” and that is absolutely right. They have Iran to discuss, they have Syria to discuss, they have the US-Russia bilateral relationship to discuss and many other things. It is not time to put this all out into the public form. This is not the time of summits where you have bilateral communicates that have been hammered out in advance by staff members. This is really the one on one meeting eye to eye between the Presidents to try and come to some kind of understand of what the limits are. President Trump is telling President Putin you can go this far but not beyond it, don’t force me to take more serious measures against you. So it was a very important meeting one that has been long and coming and should have happened along time ago.

JD: Ken Timmerman with the details on the sidebar meeting at the G20 meeting between Trump and Putin.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Two world leaders with the power of Trump and Putin are of great significance to all other world leaders. These two leaders both play a key role in the end time scenario that can be found in the Bible. The United States leader will make political decisions that will set prophecy in place for the future. The Russian leader however will actually lead the Islamic coalition that will move to try and destroy the Jewish state of Israel, that was foretold in Ezekiel 38, Psalm 83 and Daniel 11. These players and these prophecies are about to come to pass.