September 04, 2019

God's plan for Jewish people is no dream, its Biblical history and prophecy

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JD: I like the title. Where did you get the title from Elwood?

EM: I got the title from the origins of the Zionist movement. Back in the 1800s Theodor Herzl said if you will it it is no dream. And what we’re doing in this book Jimmy is taking prophecy and history and we say the whole story because the word of God gives us the whole story. With the problems we have today with replacement theology, the BDS movement against Israel and all these issues that are coming up now that are false and causing people to be confused.

The word of God says this, if you take the story of Israel which we’ve done in this book, from Abraham to Revelation what it does is this it sets forth the prophetic word and the future of Israel and the Jewish people and then we’re showing how the word of God is manifested in history. Step by step by step until it comes to a glorious conclusion. For example, replacement theology takes the Jewish people in Israel to the destruction of Jerusalem 70 AD and then it cuts off the story and says the church has taken Israel’s place. It now is a true Israel of God. What that says is this, when does forever mean forever? We Christians believe forever is eternity. God has made forever forever forever promises to Israel and gives the conclusion which is the return of the Messiah, the millennium, all of these wonderful things. 

We’re seeing people robbed of the fullness of the word of God and its application to the Biblical people, chosen people that you know so well and propagate so well. So it’s just a great need today. We tried to cover it all. We’ve got of course the history, we’ve got the dispersion, the preservation, the restoration, the reconciliation of Israel when it comes to the Messiah and the ultimate return and reconciliation. God and his people.  

JD: Dr. Elwood McQuaid a Christian Statesman with a preview of his latest book, “It is No Dream”.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Dr. McQuaid tells the whole story of the Jewish people and the Jewish nation. This book explains all the prophetic passages in the Bible that refer to Israel. It is a story of miracles as some world leaders have mentioned when they visit the modern day state of Israel. The prophecies already fulfilled from God’s plan for the Jewish people are evidence that all future prophecies for the Jewish people and nation will be fulfilled as well.