September 05, 2019

The fires burning in the Amazon Rain Forest are a precursor to the Trumpet Judgments found in the Book of Revelation

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JD: What is a rain forest?

DD: Jimmy that’s one of the areas of geography around the world. The Amazon is the largest rain forest there is. It’s an area of considerable rainfall, lots of vegetation, and a huge bio diversity kinds of animals and plants.

JD: And they’re calling that area the lungs of the earth. Now why do they call it that?

DD: Because vegetation in a way breaths in and out and breaths opposite of us. Where as we take in oxygen and give off CO2. Vegetation does the very opposite. It takes in CO2 and giving off oxygen. Although we must be careful the news has a way of getting carried away. The Brazilian rain forest are almost a wash as far as oxygen in and out.

So all together the Brazilian rain forest may give 5 or 6% of the oxygen that the earth uses. But most of the oxygen is actually provided by plants in the ocean, floating plants, kelp forests and of course the oceans are relatively healthy. The rain forest a minor contributor to our atmosphere.

JD: I have to tell you Don what this reminds me of is the prophetic passage in the book of Revelation chapter 8 and that begins the 7 trumpet judgments. And the first angel told to sound the trumpet, hail and fire cast out onto the earth. One third of the trees were burned up and all the green grass was burned up. I’m not saying that what we see in the Amazon rain forest is that first of the trumpet judgments but similar to what will happen in the future is it not?

DD: Yes, that verse does refer to one-third of the earth’s burning; the trees and the vegetation. And I would take these contemporary fires in Brazil as just a hint of the beginning compared to one-third of the earth it shows that those end time events will be in an entirely different category nothing like we have ever seen before.

JD: Dr. Don DeYoung explaining the thought that the Amazon rain forest fires are a precursor to the first trumpet judgment found in Revelation chapter 8.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

The world’s new media is all over the fires in the Amazon rain forest and are concerned that this could be a sign of a loss of civilization here on the earth. Though that may be over statement it is as Don said a precursor to the trumpet judgment in Revelation chapter 8 and how close we may well be to that tribulation judgment coming to pass and in our day.