September 23, 2019

The recent Israeli elections are at a stalemate, but God is still in charge

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JD: The Israeli body politic went to the polls to vote. It was a record turn out but it’s come to a stalemate once again. Why is it a stalemate much like a repeat of the elections that took place back in April of this year?

WM: At the present moment Jimmy neither of those two leading parties is able to gather together the necessary 61.

JD: So what then will the procedure be Winkie? How will they come about doing that?

WM: Well the President of the state will be Rivlin on Sunday will begin what is called consultations. He receives each faction that got into the Knesset and they get about 30 to 40 minutes to tell the President their preference for the member of Knesset who should be charged with the responsibility for trying to come back to the Knesset and say speaking of the Knesset I have at least 61 members of the Knesset that will vote for me and that’s called a vote of confidence. Once that happens we have a government. If that does not happen I’m going to go back to the holy books and scriptures and find out what we can do because we’re really in a mess.

JD: Yeah, that’s the best place to go I’ll guarantee it. Quick answer if you will Winkie. Whoever forms the government if there is a government formed will the future look ok for the Israeli state of Israel in this next government?

WM: Well Jimmy now you’re asking me a question that I might have to mix in a little bit of my political beliefs here. We’re at a critical stage. Of course you’ve probably heard that in the past. We’ve got Iran that has just recently bombed Saudi Arabia or other oil fields. We’re not talking about Hezbollah activities on Israelis northern border. This is an out right act of war against a sovereign country. We have the American alliance that we have to take care of.

At this point to do without Mr. Netanyahu somewhere in the neighborhood I would not personally feel comfortable with that political situation and there for I do say it’s critical. We have of course dependency on our traditions our Biblical and prophetic beliefs and knowledge. But again too often in history if man leaves the good book and God he’s left to his own devises and we don’t know what happens.

JD: Winkie Medad with an explanation of the political dilemma in Israel. But he also reminds us that God is still in charge.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

As Winkie reported the results of the recent Israeli elections are at a stalemate with no one yet able to form a coalition government. However remember God puts in charge of human government his choice for leadership, that’s Romans 13:1. God’s plan for the Jewish state will indeed come to pass.