April 22, 2020

After 17 months and 3 Israeli elections, they now have a unity government

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JD: It looks like they have formed an Israeli government. What can you tell us about it? What's the deal?

WM: What happened now was that Mr. Gantz who's head of the Blue & White decided to join up with Mr. Netanyahu and make a I guess you can call it a national emergency government. But the situation is as I speak to you that a coalition agreement has been signed. There's still about two weeks of negotiations until there's presented before the Knesset in order to gain a 61 member majority. So its something to be optimistic about.

JD: Is there any possibility in these next couple of weeks that this thing could fall apart?

WM: Well the only thing at the present moment that could do that, I just want to make a point, that Mr. Gantz basically has crossed his rubicon here. He can't go back. In other words if he's dissatisfied with the rate that if something happens he can't go back to his own party. So he's out in the political world in this and no one wants to go to elections again so it would be a very difficult situation.

Then Mr. Netanyahu being under a charge sheet of three different criminal charges should not have the right to become a Prime Minister. The law doesn't say that; actually it says just the opposite. That actually seem to hold up some of that talks because Mr. Netanyahu wanted to make sure that he would be able to serve the first year and a half of the rotation between him and Mr. Gantz as Prime Minister.

JD: Winkie Medad on the details of an emergency unity government now in place in Israel.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Even as outside elements of the Jewish state try to stop Prime Minister Netanyahu from serving the first half of the agreed to government the basic law of Israel says that cannot happen. This agreement is a witness to God's plan for human government and God's method of directing human government into the future.

God's creation of human government has prevailed for 4,500 years and will be his mode of operation today and into the future. Genesis 9:6 is the record of God's establishment of human government and Revelation 17:17 reveals His plan to use human government to direct the future as well. God's plan also includes who serves in the leadership of human government to direct His plan, that's Romans 13:1. Israel's newly formed government is evidence of that truth.