April 23, 2020

Major faults have been found in the biological laboratories in Wuhan, China

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JD: Did China start the coronavirus pandemic?

BM: Well certainly it would appear. In Wuhan there was a neurology lab that perhaps was doing experiments to try to develop either a vaccine or some detection mechanisms or therapies. The evidence at this point suggest that it was some how inadvertently released and as a result spread throughout Wuhan and the Chinese government in Beijing failed to notify the rest of the world in time and it spread as it has across the world.

JD: They did keep this news from the rest of the world once they realized what had happen.

BM: It would appear to be that way Jimmy. The early cases were discovered in November of 2019. So this is a very disturbing development and one that demonstrates that the communist Chinese will do whatever to foster their development economically and militarily into the future.

JD: Was this a planned decision by the leadership of communist China so that they could become number one militarily and economically?

BM: It's a bit premature to come to that conclusion, but I know the President has launched an investigation that will kind of piece all of this together. Unfortunately the World Health Organization failed to do its job. And of course for years we have been trying to send scientists and did in some cases to Wuhan to look at their neurology lab there to see if it was up to snuff. Our conclusions based on the variety of cables that Secretary of State Pompeo has released indicates that they found a major fault in their laboratories and that may in fact be the reason this was accidentally or otherwise released.

JD: Colonel Bob Maginnis with the details on the investigation of whether the coronavirus originated in a bio lab in Wuhan China.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

This report is not conclusive that the coronavirus pandemic did have its origins in a bio lab in Wuhan China. What is absolute is that China will be a major player in the end of times scenario that is found in the Bible.

The kings of the east referred to in Revelation 16:12 will include the most populated nation in the world red China. China will be in partnership with the antichrist, Revelation 18, in a one world economy. The results of the coronavirus pandemic are actually setting the stage for that prophecy to be fulfilled.