April 20, 2020

China is hiding its biological warfare program through deception and propaganda

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JD: I've read a report recently that China has been actively involved in promoting biological warfare for over 20 years. Now if that be the case I'm concerned even much more so about the reports coming. China has been very very shady in what they have been doing to say the least.

KT: To say the least they have been shady. But you're right they have a biological weapons program in China. It is active. It is widely believed that the category 4 biological laboratory in Wuhan where the United States now believes the virus originated was engaged in both civilian studies, you know virus prevention, pandemic prevention but also biological warfare techniques and strategies and equipment.

The Chinese really have not been forth coming. They only recently have started to change their estimates of how many people actually died. You know they've been saying only 3,000 people died. It's ridiculous. They delivered 4,000 urns containing the cremated remains of people to their families.

So yeah, the Chinese really have a lot to answer for. They are going to be threatened I believe also with lawsuits from millions of Americans that could potentially shut down their economy. Members of the US Senate are currently exploring legislation that would lift China's sovereign immunity and allow the government to be sued for propagating the Wuhan virus, this coronavirus that began in Wuhan China. So these are very serious things. The Chinese have a lot to answer for and they haven't even began to provide answers. Instead they are just sending out propaganda.

JD: Ken Timmerman giving us the details on China's biological warfare activity that is going on under deception and propaganda.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Ken's report on China's biological warfare activities over the last 20 years helps to give us a better picture of how communist China may have been the originator of the coronavirus pandemic. All of the facts have not been accumulated yet but China has much to answer for as it relates to this global coronavirus crisis, that's the political prospective. The prophetic prospective comes from Revelation 16:12 where China is referred to as the kings of the east who will be the major player in partnership with the antichrist, Revelation 18. The stage is being set for these prophecies to be fulfilled.