June 26, 2020

In our society today we must prepare for attacks on preaching the Word of God

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JD: Much of the Constitution actually was written with Biblical principles in mind and of course the Bible has a lot to say about this subject.

DJ: That's right Jimmy, of course that's absolutely right. This doesn't mean that we think that all the framers of the Constitution were born again Christians or that America is necessarily a Christian nation today. But it does mean that the word of God provided an ethnical and moral foundation upon which this country was built.

JD: And so there for let's wrap up by talking about what this ruling might mean for churches and for ministries and some things that we can do that may help protect us as we go forward.

DJ: Well we've talked about this before. Even going back to 2015 when the Supreme Court ruled that states couldn't deny marriage licenses to same sex couples and how this would affect churches, schools, ministries, and even Christian businesses. Now I think that churches have the most protection under the 1st amendment but doctrinal statements and constitutions of those churches need to be very clear in matters related to human sexuality. And unfortunately churches especially smaller ones don't always keep up to date and of course no one even thought about these things 20 or 30 years ago.

But my greater concern is for ministries especially schools and those that offer goods and services to the general public. You know I think the day is coming if we're not already there when there won't be 1st amendment protection at least across the board and not consistently. For example, will schools be forced to hire teachers who affirm same sex relationships or transgenderism. I think that Christian businesses are even more vulnerable. So I think clear statements need to be incorporated into bylaws and position papers need to be written. It may even be good to refer to the 1st amendment and appeal to that in whatever is stated. You know society is in a downward spiral and things are only going to get worse for believers as time goes by. And I think Jimmy that even teaching the word of God is going to come under attack especially as we look at what's been happening in society. Even over the past 3 or 4 weeks as we've seen these riots and taking down the statues and just all kinds of things where society is being purged of things that we would consider connected to Christian values. Not that these statues are connected to that but these are things we need to be concerned about.

JD: David James, Bible in hand explaining why our society today may see attacks on preaching the word of God.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Dave's report should get our attention to the day in which we are living. The apostle Paul warned us of such days II Timothy 4. Verses 3 & 4 tells us those days are coming and they could arrive very soon. Paul also said in verse 2, "preach the word".