June 25, 2020

The recent Supreme Court decision on gay rights in the workplace was an attack against God

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JD: The Judicial Branch to make decisions of what the Constitution says on any particular issue and not necessarily what they wanted to say but what it really says. I mean this is one of the major problems in the decision is it not?

SR: Well absolutely it is. I think at the heart of it I mean we have a Constitutional issue based on what you just said and its exactly correct. And even in the dessenting opinions, the dessenting opinions fight at the very fact that the court had no decision, had no authority to make law and to accomplish in a decision of nine Justices what an entire Congress has not been able to do over a period of many years. So Constitutionally a major abridgment of power; that has been a problem.

But you know Jimmy I have another concern about this in that we have the Court an entity of government of our official United States government weighing in and declaring any fact that what God says about human sexuality in male and female changed it to be what man would want it to be and defiance of what God says. I really think as we talk about end time things and prophetical elements of it. I was most disheartened I suppose not just the Constitutional aspect but here again where the official entities of our government have decided to rule against what God says and to make what is wrong right and what is right wrong. That is my greatest concern and I think it takes an add to one more element on top of all we're seeing in this country as another reason. Not that God needs it. But God's hand of judgment is honest as a nation. I would say right in the middle of all that we're having you have our highest court of the land in an affront of the Constitution and a higher away an affront to God Himself.

JD: Sam Rohrer explaining why the Supreme Court decision was an attack against God.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

If anybody would study the history of America they would learn that our nation was built upon Biblical principles. Also the Constitution written on Biblical principles as well. America cannot be called a Christian nation but the highest court in the land must not make Legislative decisions as they attack God and that is according to God's word, Roman 1 and Genesis 19. And that's what the Supreme Court decision did. A decision that is actually setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.