June 05, 2020

The record of Creation and Bible prophecy is proof of God's authority

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JD: Define for those listening to us today a black hole.

DD: Black holes are just one of countless variety that we find in space. As best as we can tell some stars mainly large ones use up their fuel and they collapse inward, gravity takes over to the point where nothing can escape and it becomes a black hole so massive that even light cannot leave it. It appears to us that a black hole is the end. It's really the death of a collapsed star.

JD: I know the account of creation in Genesis chapter 1 talks about on the fourth day the sun, the moon and the stars were created. But were the black holes created at that time as well or do we know?

DD: By our definition a black hole is a collapsed star. I do believe that this whole physical universe was made mature and fully functioning. And apparently there were stars and all apparent states of their lifespan. I don't know whether black holes are part of the original creation or whether they happened over the few thousands of years that we've had with stars not showing up until day number four. It would have been on that day when a variety of stars and maybe black holes as well were made. A black hole is after all is a star it's just a very collapsed star.

JD: Well I do know one thing for sure as quoted there in Psalm 19, the heavens declare the Lord's majesty and His glory.

DD: It just makes us all fall to our knees thinking of what God put up there for us to enjoy and just to see the drama of the heavens.

JD: You know combining creation and prophecy the entire Bible all 66 books with prophetic passages combine that with creation that seems to equal for me the authority and the authenticity of God.

DD: Well it certainly does. You know in the end times things happen. God set up the universe he can close it out. It talks about the stars falling and the heavens being folded together. In God's time He will once again reprogram space.

JD: Don DeYoung explaining how the record of creation and Bible prophecy prove the authority of God.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

My conversation with Dr. Don DeYoung is tangible evidence of God's authority that is found in the record of creation as recorded in the Bible. Bible prophecy found in all 66 books of the Bible when combined with the creation account helps each of us see God's authority as mentioned in Psalm 19.

Creation and the Bible prophecy already fulfilled assure us that prophecy yet to be fulfilled will indeed be fulfilled.