June 04, 2020

The Palestinian Authority is accusing Israel of wanting to expand their borders south into Egypt and north into Lebanon

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JD: David I wanted to ask you about something I just heard this last week that the Palestinian Authority, that's the Legislative body for the Palestinian body politic, they are accusing Israel of planning to expand the borders of the state of Israel from the Nile River in the south to the Euphrates River in the north. Wow, that sounds like Genesis chapter 15 to me. It sounds like a good plan for Israel. I don't think the Palestinians are very pleased by this expansion plan.

DD: Well and Jimmy its really very unlikely at this stage in Israel's existence that it would be implemented. Although as I've said so many times wars change things. If we have this massive war that the Iranians are threatening if it involves Syria as well and if there's various other parties involved and we see a lot of casualties in the midst of that we could well see Israel take some more land. They are certainly very familiar with south Lebanon since Israeli forces were stationed there for over two decades. So they know that area very very well.

And of course Israel had the Sinai after the Sixty - Seven War until the Camp David Peace Treaty in the late 70s. So they are very familiar with that land as well and would love to have that back. But they know to do it now would create the war that we're talking about basically. Even the 30 percent annexation of Judea and Samaria is enough to set things off especially since we have Iran behind all of this and they seem to be just looking for a reason to go to war. As we've said so many times according to their theology they're not so afraid of it. They know that they might get pummeled themselves but they believe this will bring in the great Mahdi Muslim leader and all of that. So serious days indeed.

JD: Your Middle East news updates is always essential to each and everyone of us especially students of Bible prophecy. We appreciate it. Thank you. We will talk again next week my good friend.

DD: Thank you Jimmy.

JD: David Dolan explaining the Palestinian accusation that Israel wants half of Egypt and all of Lebanon as a Jewish state.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Dave's report is a foretaste of things to come. The Bible in 38 passages gives us the Biblical borders for the Jewish state in the kingdom period. In fact Israel's borders will extend to the Nile River in the south in Egypt and all of Lebanon in the north to the Euphrates River, that's Genesis 15:18.

God's plan for Israel and their land forever will indeed come to pass.