June 03, 2020

Turkey's President Erdogan is taking on Russia in Libya

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JD: Idlib to Tripoli, Turkey moves to dominate the Eastern Mediterranean. It's part of his plan to be the Pan Islamic leader of the world is it not?

KT: Right, and we've been looking at this for quite some time. But it's been developing in fits and starts and then all of a sudden it goes blazing forward at a hundred miles an hour and that's what has happened over the past week. Turkey has moved something like 10,000 fighters from Syria. These are mercenary fighters that the Turks are paying. They flown them into Libya to fight against General Haftar. General Haftar remember is supported by Russia by a number of other states. He is considered to be an anti-Islamist holding the line against the Islamist government in Tripoli and that's the government that Turkey is backing.

Close to 10,000 fighters from Syria and this past Sunday won a huge battlefield victory forcing Haftar to abandon this air base called Al Watiya Air Base just outside of Tripoli that he was using to stage attacks against the Islamist government in Tripoli. So Erdogan succeeded with that attack. General Haftar has withdrawn from that air base and is now basically moving back towards his home base in Benghazi. At the same time remember I said that Haftar is being supported by Russia. Well the Russians have now flown in just this past week a number of fighter aircraft through Syria to another air base in Central Libya which they are going to use as a substitute for what Haftar was doing.

So this is really heating up, the war in Libya. It is another proxy war like we have in Yemen and in Syria. Now you have the Russians confronting the Turks once again and this time apparently with major weapon systems. And so now the Russians are bringing in their frontline fighter jets to threaten the Turks.

JD: Ken Timmerman with the details on the Turkish President Erdogan's efforts to take over Libya in a fight with Russia.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Turkish President Erdogan's efforts to become the Pan Islamic leader of the world and restore the Ottoman Empire brings him into conflict with Russia in the nation of Libya. As I give this report in concert with Ken Timmerman's report of the details of how this is happening I realize its also rehearsing the pages of prophecy in the book of Ezekiel, that's Ezekiel 38.

 It seems like the passages of prophecy are the headlines today which means that God's plan for the future is at that point of fulfillment.