November 27, 2020

The American Moslem community has, and will play a key role in a potential Biden Administration

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JD: Did the Moslem's have an influence in the US political arena of electing a President? Did the Moslem's play a role in this Presidential election?

SH: Without a doubt they have had a role because as we talked about last time on the program Dr. DeYoung they are politically have gone to another level. They have hyper political activism now by the claims of the council on America Islamic relations care and the rest of the Moslem brotherhood organizations in America. There goal has been for several years to have one million Moslem's vote in the elections particularly for President. 

According to their own numbers they claimed they were very close to that but 84 percent of Moslem's voted in this years election and almost 70 percent of those went for Democrats. They're becoming a very powerful voice in getting their way, and their way is what? Their way is to ultimately overthrow this Republic to come against this Constitution. Again this is their own stated words in the explanatory memorandum the playbook of the Moslem brotherhood which says that they want to sabotage our miserable house from within.  

JD: Have you seen this starting to come to fruition? Do you think that's a possibility? Should he go into the White House? Will he have these Moslem's like you're talking about in every single level of his Administration? 

SH: Without a doubt, without a doubt Dr. DeYoung. If that were to happen it is very very troubling. When you give these individuals that type of power they will not ever give it back. They will get it intrenched and then they will begin to move very rapidly. And by the way one of the things that I expect to see with a Moslem in the Administration and having that kind of access is I think you're going to immediately see hate speech laws and a department of justice that is going to be weaponized under a Biden-Harris Administration. They will be way more weaponized than under Obama to come after individuals who they deem you and I and others who they deem as speaking hate even though it is protected First Amendment speech.

JD: Shahram Hadian with the details of the part that the Moslem community here in America will play in a potential Biden Administration.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Moslem eschatology states that the Islamic world wants to put in place a caliphate, a worldwide kingdom in the future. In order to do that the Moslems need to overthrow the elected leadership of America and then they can move to setup that caliphate with Moslems in all levels of the next Administration. That plan could quickly be played out however don't forget God is still in control.