November 30, 2020

The fictional novel, "The Election Heist", foretold the controversy surrounding the recent Presidential election

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JD: Tell me where did you get the idea of putting this type of a book together?

KT: To start with I was myself a Congressional candidate. I was the Republican nominee in 2012 in a Maryland district. Democrats didn't need to cheat there it was a 65-35 district and yet they did. We caught them cheating. They didn't need to do that. The Democrats didn't need to cheat. They easily won that election and yet they did. 

We also saw in that 2012 election problems with the touch screen voting machines where people would put in Romney and would turn out to be Obama. We did a post election audit of some of these machines and found really serious problems. Well that sort of peaked my interest. Remember this is 2012. I began to investigate the whole issue of security and our electronic voting machines. What I discovered was that this was just a mess. You can't trust any of them. There were studies going back to 2002. 10 years before my election 18 years ago of these voting machines these touch screen machines and they found that they can be hacked within a minute and the results altered. 

So now you have a new generation of machines. Now I looked into them as well these so called ballot marking devices is what's used in Georgia. The ballot marking devices produce a paper ballot. You select on the screen who you want to vote for and then it produces a paper ballot and you hand that ballot to the election official who puts it in the scanner. But nobody really looks at that paper ballot after its been printed up and they saw their choices on the screen and they print it out. There is no way of knowing whether that paper ballot itself actually corresponds to the choice of the voter. These are all things I discovered as I was researching "The Election Heist" but there's a lot more Jimmy, there's a lot more.

JD: Ken Timmerman the author of the fictional novel, "The Election Heist" with the details on how he came to write his very intriguing book. 

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Ken Timmerman's novel, "The Election Heist" written before the fact is an interesting read on how the God given institution of human government will be used to set in place the way God's plan in the future will be played out. Revelation 17:17 reveals how God will put into the hearts of political leaders to make political decisions to fulfill His will. Remember the Lord is in charge of who will be the next American President, that's Romans 13:1.