November 04, 2020

The Sanhedrin has prayed for Donald Trump to win re-election because of his effect on the Jewish State and preparations to rebuild the Temple

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JD: The Sanhedrin has asked officially for God to re-elect Donald Trump. It's a very interesting development there among those who are interested in building the next Temple in Jerusalem. 

DD: And Jimmy a stand that very much reflects the Israeli's publics view. Opinion surveys show 60% at least of Israeli's would like to see Trump re-elected. Again the more conservative and the more religious a person is the more they seem to be likely they are to vote for Donald Trump. The Sanhedrin of course is making that call not based on Israeli public opinion but what they believe is best for Israel in light of their belief in God.

JD: He has been so beneficial to those who want to number one recognize Jerusalem as the political capital of the Jewish state of Israel and also recognize the Temple Mount as key. It's a key component of what the Orthodox community and in particular the Sanhedrin would like to see replicated in the Presidential election.

David, talk to me about politics in Israel. The US elections are going to result in some what of a shake up are they not in Israeli politics?

DD: Well again it really depends on the results. We have again strong support for President Trump in Israel not that most Israeli's are voting. But I always point out there's a couple hundred thousand American voters that live in Israel. In fact it's one of the largest expat communities in any country on Earth and it's a pretty small country. So yes I mean certainly the relations at the White House is Israel's closest ally that's always at the top and center of Israeli politics. It was rocky under Obama. It was good under Trump. If Biden comes back we'll see. But it looks like the Democratic party is moving away from Israel more and more and Kamala Harris has said some things that are questionable. So we'll see what happens but it certainly will have an influence. 

JD: David Dolan reporting on the Sanhedrin's prayer for Donald Trump to win re-election because of the effect it will have on the rebuilding of the Temple and the state of Israel as well. 

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

The Sanhedrin, the 70 wise Jewish scholars that make up the Jewish court in the Judicial system of Israel believes that Donald Trump's re-election is best for the state of Israel but also for the rebuilding of the Temple in Jerusalem. Remember God does cause political leaders to make political decisions that will indeed fulfill His will, that's Revelation 17:17. God's plan will be fulfilled.