December 22, 2020

Political leaders are setting the stage for the prophetic scenario found in the Bible for the Islamic Republic of Iran

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JD: The Iranian President making the statement no doubt that Joe Biden when he becomes President, if indeed he does, will bow to Iranian demands to lift sanctions.

KT: Well the way its expressed of course is typical Iranian bluster however, a substance he's right. The Biden team has already acknowledged that they are going to return to the Iran deal which means lifting US sanctions. Tony Blinken who is supposed to be Biden's designatory for Secretary of State and Jake Sullivan the designatory for National Security Advisor they were both key players in negotiating this bad Iran deal to begin with. Rouhani is correct to believe that a Biden Administration will lift sanctions and return to the deal. 

Now here's the other interesting thing that Rouhani said, he said that Biden knows that Iran believes that keeping its ballistic missile force is critical and key to its security and therefore the United States under Biden would not even dare to demand that Iran get rid of there long range missiles something the Trump team has been doing. Now what I find interesting about this statement is that he said Biden knows. There have been rumors around that there have been contacts between the Biden national security advisors during the campaign with the Iranian government. Remember if you go back to December 2016 what was General Michael Flynn who was the incoming National Security Advisor for Donald Trump what was he accused of? And that was having contacts with the Russian Ambassador to the United States. I haven't heard any suggestion that the FBI should launch criminal prosecution against the Biden team. The Biden team has already been reaching out to other countries and doing it quite publicly. There is clearly a double standard in Washington on whether that type of contact before you're in power is legitimate or not. 

JD: Ken Timmerman with the details of how political leaders are making decisions that will make Iran's prophetic scenario found in the word of God to come to fulfillment.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

President elect Joe Biden and his potential foreign policy team have made political decisions that are actually in lock step with the prophetic passages of God's word that would be Ezekiel 38:5. That's where the prophet mentioned Persia which is modern day Iran. God's plan for the end times will be fulfilled.