December 23, 2020

There are Christians in Iran who will celebrate Christmas this year in the nation that has the fastest growing Christian community in the world

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JD: I wanted to ask you, I understand you left Iran with your family when you were about 8 years old born there in Iran. Was there anything like Christmas at that time when you left in Iran?

SH: Absolutely Dr. DeYoung, Iran was an amazing place. Under the Shaw there was a movement towards westernizing it. Many Iranians, many Muslims who are cultural like my parents actually had Christmas trees. We would put up a Christmas tree. Now they probably were not celebrating what Christmas actually means in the sense of the birth of Christ but many of them had Christmas trees because that's what westerners did and they wanted to be so much like westerners and so there was a spirit of that. Of course there were many Jews in Iran, there were Armenian Christians. Today there are actually many Iranians who are Muslim who have now converted to Christianity the fastest growing church in the world numerically. Now Iranian Persians are actually celebrating the true meaning of Christmas which is that they're celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ the Savior of the world. Isn't that amazing?

JD: That is amazing and it is a great report. All of us need to pray for that growing Christian community in the Islamic Republic of Iran. 

Well I would like to wish you and your family a blessed Christmas time and a wonderful New Year. By the way have a very blessed Christmas buddy.

SH: You too Dr. DeYoung, Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year. Blessing to you guys and all of your listeners may we truly worship the Lord fully this year. And can I say no canceling Christmas, I reject that. Let's celebrate Christmas, let's celebrate the birth of the Savior. Merry Christmas to all of you guys.

JD: Shahram Hadian giving us the details about Christmas in Iran where we find the fastest growing Christian community in the world. 

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

You may not have been aware that some Iranians celebrate Christmas. Shahram also made us aware that the fastest growing Christian community in the world is in Iran. This report is very prophetic. Remember Jesus said through the apostle Peter in II Peter 3:9 that He is not slack concerned His promise of the Rapture but that He is not willing that any should perish but all should come to know Him as Savior. In II Peter 3:12 it says that we can hasten that Rapture by winning people to Jesus as they are there in Iran.