June 16, 2021

President Biden's trip to Europe has the President dealing with an elephant in the room and a big bear

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JD: China not being in the G7 really the elephant in the room.

KT: Well China policy is a huge huge issue. President Biden has claimed he's going to have a much different approach towards communist China than Donald Trump. No where has he really toned down the rhetoric. He's been waring of Chinese aggression in the South China sea and elsewhere around the world.

JD: It's interesting that Joe Biden warned Russia right at the time he arrived against doing any harmful activities at the start of their one on one meeting upcoming. Boy, he's trying to do a preemptive strike it seems to me. Is that going to work?

KT: It's going to be very interesting to watch. Vladimir Putin is a very skilled operator. He's a very savvy guy. He's also extremely alert something you can't say about Joe Biden. I think he's going to probably hand some surprises to the President. 

You know the President, the Democrats have been saying for 4 years all kinds of extraordinary false-wits about Russia. Yes, Russia is a threat. Yes, Russia is doing things we don't like. All of these lies and exaggeration about Russia, I think Putin is going to call Biden out on this. He says well you say that we are being aggressive but what is aggressive about us defending our boarders. You have just held the largest NATO exercise on Russia's borders in history with 40,000 troops, isn't that aggression Mr. President? How do you say that that is just a defensive operation when we see it immediately on our boarders. So I think Putin is going to challenge Biden and challenge some of the rhetoric that the Democrats have very easily engaged in in Washington making Russia their whipping boy.

JD: Ken Timmerman explaining how President Biden while in Europe had to deal with the elephant in the room, China, and the big bear, Russia.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

President Biden's trip to Europe though its main focus was on the G7 and the NATO meetings had the President with a focus on two major players in the end times scenario found in Bible prophecy. That would be Russia the main player in the first half of the Tribulation period, Ezekiel 38:2, and China who leads the second half of the seven year Tribulation period, Revelation 16:12. With no mention of America in Bible prophecy Russia or China or both could remove the United States from the world scene.