June 17, 2021

The Biden White House tells the State Department to stop using the term, the "Abraham Accords" which could ignite a Middle East war

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JD: White House did tell the State Department to stop using the term Abraham Accords. Your thoughts?

SR: You know one thing about terminology, terminology is tied very closely to policy. Clearly State Department is all about policy and this Administration is all about politically correct terminology. One of the things I think that we are finding in this day and age when truth has been thrown out and truth is being redefined we are finding a tremendous reestablishing of terminology. This is not a change because it is important. This is a telegraphic I believe of a message and it's a message that's going to two different audiences. One is a message to Israel and to those who were a part of the support of that peace treaty arrangement, Abraham Accord developed during the Trump Administration. 

By taking out the name Abraham and taking out the word Accord and changing it to what they're now ordering it normalization agreement you are taking out Abraham and the tie to Abraham and Israel. They're actually building in an agreement. Normalization Agreement actually sent the message to the Arab world and the enemies of Israel. Its actually term of inflatement. It's a derogatory term that one that really fuels them up and angers them because they feel there's no bases for an agreement with them and Israel. 

So bottomline there's a lot at play at this. This is not the simple change of two words Abraham Accord to normalization agreement. There are multiple messages being sent here and they're not good messages. Not a good message to Israel and its a message of incitement to the Arab world the enemies of Israel. So this is a big deal much more than attentions been given to it.

JD: Sam Rohrer explaining why the Biden White House move to erase the term Abraham Accords could ignite war in the Middle East.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Many people ask me with the Trump Abraham Accords in place and peace in the Middle East would I change my mind about the end times. Remember I said no change in the scenario. Daniel 9:27 reveals that the antichrist will come to confirm these peace agreements. President Biden's move to erase the Abraham Accords says that the stage is set for the antichrist.