July 27, 2021

Russia makes a move against Israel, related to Syria, that fits the Prophetic scenario of God's Word

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JD: Vladimir Putin during the Benjamin Netanyahu Administration as Prime Minister had a deal with the Prime Minister that he would have a blind eye to any attacks by the Israeli Defense Force on Syria. Now it looks like Putin has made a decision to get rid of that deal and step away from it. Does that mean harm for the Israeli attacks on Syria if they need to have these attacks?

KT: Well what happened this past week and it's quite interesting, but what happened was the Israeli's launched an air strike up through the eastern part of Jordan near Altona which is the former US base there along the Jordan-Iraq-Syrian border. The Russian's then announced that they had shot down 7 of the 8 missiles launched by those Israeli aircraft against a Syrian weapons manufacturing plant. Now this is something the Russian's have not done in the past. They've pretty much given Israel a blank check to launch air strikes. When those air strikes have been against the Iranians, against Hezbollah, the Revolutionary Guards, or against Jihadi groups. But this seems to be an attack against a Syrian government defense production facility. So there's a couple of things I take away from this, either the Russians are saying look that's the red line, don't attack Syria itself they are our strategic ally. If you want to go after the Iranians that's fine with us but don't attack the Syrians. 

Now this was obviously a deliberate leak in Moscow that they had shot down the missiles with some new Russian anti-missile systems based in Syria that Putin is saying to the new Israeli Prime Minister, "look I had a deal but it was a face to face deal with Benjamin Netanyahu". "If you want to continue doing this kind of thing as a state of Israel you have to come talk to me." "We do this fact to face and then will take it from there." So far Naftali Bennett hasn't met with Putin. 

JD: Ken Timmerman with the details on Russia's latest move against Israel that fits the prophetic scenario of God's word.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Russia's President Vladimir Putin has directed his military in Syria to stop Israeli air strikes on Syria. Putin had looked the other way in the past when Israel would strike a location in Israel's neighbor for the purpose of protection the  Jewish state. Now Russia has stepped away from that for the purpose of protecting Syria, and by the way Syria will make the first move against Israel in the alignment of nations, that's Daniel 11:40.