July 28, 2021

Under pressure from the Biden Administration the Palestinian leader Mahmoud urged Abbas has presented a list of demands that sound like a surrender for Israel

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JD: Mahmoud Abbas has been urged by the Biden Administration to go back to the negotiating table to try to put together a two state solution. So the President of the Palestinian Authority put up a list of requirements to go back to negotiations and as I've read through them and even the Israeli's are saying this would be a decree for Israel's surrender. What are your thoughts about this list Abbas has put up?

DD: Well Jimmy it just reflects the continuing hardline, very hardline position from the Palestinian side as to any final solution frankly. Their version of that would be similar to Hitlers. Jews disappear, the Jewish state disappears. Basically they are asking for things that Israel could never agree to. Chief amongst them is that there would be no Israeli control in eastern Jerusalem over the Old City, the Temple Mount, the Jewish neighborhoods in the east of the city be turned over to the Palestinians. 

Again its not just the PA. The PA is ruling Judea and Samaria but Hamas is ruling the Gaza Strip. The head of Hamas if he were to run for President of the Palestinian Authority he would absolutely defeat Abbas by about two-thirds the polls show. So he has to pay attention to their positions and their positions as I've stated many times are clear and their founding charter. They've never renounced it. This is Hamas. Israel must be totally destroyed there could be no peace with a Jewish state. A Jewish state is contrary to the Quran and has to disappear. So again the Biden Administration wanting to precede in talks apparently but the chances of there being any realistic solution at this time is just zero.

JD: David Dolan reporting the Palestinian demands for them to go to the negotiating table with Israel.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Under pressure from United States President Biden both the Israelis and the Palestinians are being pushed to go to the negotiating table to discuss a two state solution. The Palestinians made a list of demands for Israel that sounds like a decree of surrender for the Jewish state even before the two parties begin talks. This Palestinian list is mostly a no starter for the Israelis which means that the conflict will continue until Jesus returns, that's Malachi chapter 1.