July 29, 2021

The Islamic Party of Israel says that there was never a Jewish Temple in Jerusalem

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JD: The Islamic party leader in Israel made a very interesting statement that the Temple Mount there in Jerusalem solely was property of the Moslem world. Again another wrong historic understanding.

WM: Of course Jimmy. The historic record is quite clear both in the Bible in extra Biblical historic references from the Roman period on all throughout the early Middle Ages and on. This was the site of the two Temples of the Jewish people. It was conquered by the Romans, the Babylonians perviously and then the Byzantine Empire. Then the Arabs came along and conquered Jerusalem and built a few buildings up there and claim it's all theirs. 

We have the Western Wall which is propping up the entire Temple Mount. Why do you think the Jews built the Western Wall if not to make a platform for the Temple as we know its been recorded. And yet they sit up on top and claim that even the Temple didn't exist at this place. Such relatively intelligent people, both Arab Muslims, Arab Christians, and other Christians can be bamboozled by these claims and then we're stuck with no co existence, no sharing of sacred sites which maybe could even be on tray to more peaceful relations. They refuse and its an unfortunate situation. 

JD: I don't know how a Christian could deny that there was a Temple on the Temple Mount in the times of Jesus Christ. Christians need to go back not only to the history books but to the Bible itself.

WM: They make up things, convince themselves that it's true, make a lot of noise and even violence and get people then to threaten Israel to be quiet. This is not how normal people should conduct religious, diplomatic, political fairs of state. 

JD: Winkie Medad reporting on the statement from the leader of the Islamic party of Israel that there never was a Jewish Temple in Jerusalem. 

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

In order to be able to deny that there was a Jewish Temple in Jerusalem you will have to deny the person of Jesus Christ and His ministry at the Temple in Jerusalem. In Mark chapter 11 we find the record of Jesus at the Temple during the time of the triumphal entry. In verse 11 it says Jesus went into that Temple. In verse 15 it reports that Jesus through the money changers out of the Temple. In verse 27 it says Jesus taught at the Temple. Deny the Temple and you deny Jesus Christ.