August 24, 2006

An Islamic website in Saudi Arabia is offering tips on killing non-Muslims

An Islamic website in Saudi Arabia has published a document titled, "How to kill a Crusader on the Arabian Peninsula", which actually details several possible ways to kill Western victims and provides steps on selecting the victim, following them, and finally murdering the non-Muslim victim.

The document notes that foreigners these days feel safer because of a minimal number of attacks in recent times, but warns that the Jihadist wave is approaching.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

An internet guide for killing non-Muslims is a precursor to the scenario for the End Times that can be found in Bible prophecy.

There are many Westerners that claim the Islamic doctrine of Jihad, or holy war against all non-Muslims, is a myth and not a part of the Islamic faith. The news of this internet website located in Saudi Arabia that is a guide for Muslims to select, follow, and then murder a non-Muslim is evidence that the reality of Jihad is indeed a doctrine of the Islamic faith at least to some segments of the Islamic world. The debate will continue concerning the reality of Jihad as a means to either convert all the world to Islam or at least to rid the world of non-Muslims.

However, Bible prophecy does reveal that in the Last Days, and in particular during the coming seven years of great judgment, believers in Jesus Christ will be the target of religious adherence to the philosophy of killing these who keep the faith and give testimony of Jesus Christ as their Savior. John the apostle wrote in the book of Revelation some 2,000 years ago found in chapter 6 verses 9-11 that believers in Jesus Christ would be killed during that time. Revelation 12:17 also reveals the same, as does Revelation 20:4. Slaughter of believers in Jesus Christ will increase to horrific proportions in the future.

An Islamic website with a guide to kill non-Muslims is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.